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Doctor Kids

Doctor Kids provides all the information you need to choose the best specialist or service for your child. It also provides you with a free, reliable tool for detecting your child's developmental difficulties.


Parent Guide

Based on reliability in evaluations and scientificity. The application of difficulty detection for parents was designed based on global diagnostic criteria.

Mr. Blue

The first tool for parents that detects developmental problems in children. Exclusively designed for parents.

Experts evaluation

System for experts evaluation by users. Personal reporting for professionals in order to improve their services.

Free mobile application for parents.

Mr.Blue Developmental Skills

Mr.Blue Developmental Skills is an application created to help parents identify any difficulties related to the most common disorders. It is designed so that parents can easily answer ten simple questions without complicated terms. The result of their answers takes the form of a graph. Mr.Blue answers the parents' daily question, does my child face difficulties that I should examine? You can download it for free on android phones from the following link.

Download Android Application

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What people say about us

Thanasis, Naoussa May 2020

The chance given to parents to post articles and experiences helps all users answer their own questions too.

Vassiliki, Athens May 2020

Being a mother of 2 children, I found the website blog very interesting, with issues that concern every parent daily. And the search engine for children specialists has become my best friend!

Giannis, Katerini, January 2020

I am very happy that there is a website exclusively for parents. Difficulty search and detection tool and parents form.

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Doctor Kids
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In doctor kids, our goal is to be a reliable ally for parents in their struggle to raise their children. We want to help them identify any possible children's difficulties from an early age and lead them to an early intervention for the deviations to be eliminated.