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  Jul 14, 2020

General nutritional advice for children's nutrition



Here are some general tips that can help parents improve their children's nutrition:

 Observing a specific schedule at meal time, and sharing the amount of food needed during the day. Also try to avoid snacking on meals that contain large amounts of sugar or salt.


 Do not miss the children's breakfast, because they need energy to be efficient and active.


 It is very important to teach them to eat fruits and vegetables, but not compulsorily, to add them to their daily routine and to point out the benefits they have on our health.

 Legumes are one of the foods that some children do not like, we can find ways to make them more "interesting". For example, legume burgers or legume salads may seem tastier. But even if they do not like a food from the first time, we do not need to just reject it and say that he / she just does not like it. Let's try it again and again, let's make it with our child, maybe if he deals with this food he will be interested.


 The portions need to be checked and regular (not a lot of food). It is better to put a smaller amount on the plate and if they are hungry they will ask for more.


 Giving children food, sweets or ice cream in return for doing something we want or as a reward for their good behavior is something we need to stop.


 The child's breakfast at school is very important, to pay attention to what we prepare for them and to have variety.


 We all cook together and let the children experiment with the ingredients.


 We deal with children and show them that we love them and that there are other things besides food that we can all do together.



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