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  Jul 07, 2020


 Boundaries in childhood



 The first limits to the child are always created on the occasion of his desires.


When, for example, he wants something and it is difficult to have it, the way he reacts informs us about the kind of limits we should pay attention to. So always starting from home, the boundaries and being set, in addition to favorite objects (delicacies), revolve around the spaces of the house and the autonomy of the child.

Obeying the child does not necessarily mean "turning back" his desire, it also means adjusting the conditions for that desire. Our little friend can eat the delicacy he wants as long as he brings his plate, or eats his food first. He can play electronic after reading his lessons. Help mom do chores so they can then go for a walk.



 Let's use the spaces of the house properly.


We can play in the living room at most with two games and if we want to bring another game we have to return the previous one to its place. It is best to eat in the kitchen. We avoid making a trampoline in mom and dad's bed. Ideally, every little friend should sleep alone at night in his room.



 By promoting spatial boundaries, we also set behavioral boundaries.


After our little friends accepted our "terms" to get what they want to see how we can move on to more social boundaries. Since we want to see our favorite children's show, let's wait for mom's favorite show to end. Since we want to go to the kiosk to buy an ice cream, let's get his newspaper for Dad. In any case, setting boundaries should signal the organization of the child's behavior based on his or her motivation, adjustment, and progress.




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WriterTolia Antigoni, Psychologist 





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